• MultiMotion Hanche


This system is assembled on a custom made long leg orthosis and provides a dynamic stretch in the coronal plane (adductors), while statically allowing the practitioner to set the rotation angle of the hip. This allows for the leg to be positioned in a physiologically correct way and to stabilize the hip joint.


Adjustable dynamic abduction tension
Abduction-/Adduction stops: adjustable increments 12° (Small) and 14° (Regular)
Adjustable internal/external (-40° à +40°)


Diplegia, spastic
Hip joint subluxation
Tetraplegia, spastic

Product Nr Description
2H301-200 MultiMotion only - Small <105 cm
2H301-HA-S Abduction bars - Small <105 cm
2H301-100 MultiMotion only - Regular >105 cm
2H301-HA-R Abduction bars - Regular >105 cm

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