Original and exclusive formula with Lavender extracts. Wherever you are, these practical and unnoticeable cleansing wipes disinfect your prosthetic liner (whether it is Copolymer, Silicone, Gel of Silicone...) or your residual limb.

Their perfumed deodorant lotion dries shortly after application.





Instruction for use :

• Ideal for a clean skin in contact with the prosthetics.

• Use them each time you take your liner off.

• No water or rinsing required.

• As it contains alcohol, avoid using it for children under 5 years.

• Do not apply on damaged skin, wound or scratch.

• Tried and tested for use with prosthetic devices (socket, liner, stump socks).



Cardboard box of 50 wipes "extra large" individually wrapped

Delivered in pack of 6 boxes of 50 wipes: Reference 6X100#6


Prosthetics Healthcare guarantee:

◊ Products with natural extracts specifically formulated for stump care

◊ Simple utilisation

◊ Fast penetration into the skin

◊ Quick comfort and results


How to take care of your residual limb, socket, liner, stump socks...

  • Watch the skin of your residual limb regularly, and allow a real relaxing break for it.
  • Liners do not resist high temperatures, keep them out of heat sources and sun light...
  • Because you respect your prosthesis and for the well-being of your skin, cleaning your liner daily is a simple and generous gesture.
  • Cleaning your liner regularly will improve its life.
  • Patients with excessive perspiration should clean their skin and their liner more frequently to prevent irritations.

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