• PROTEOR Module d’alignement P.A.D. 360 pour prothèses fémorales
  • 1k10-1k11

Rigid polyurethan blocks allowing for very accurate tilt and shift adjustments of the socket during fitting trials.
These blocks are bonded at the distal extremity of the laminated sockets.
They are sanded down during finishing, then included in the final lamination.
They can be screwed to a European 4-hole pattern.
Shift adjustment range : + 25 mn.
Tilt adjustment according to the models.

Product Nr Description Fitting Maximum weight of the patient Diameter Weight Total Height Tilt
1K06 P.A.D. 360 Module Trans-Femoral 100 Kg 132 mm 460 g 38 mm ± 5°
1K07 P.S.D. 1 Shift Module Trans-Femoral 100 Kg 132 mm 275 g 21 mm no
1K10 P.A.D.250 Module Trans-Tibial 100 Kg 108 mm 280 g 34 mm ± 5°
1K11 P.S.D. 2 Shift Module Trans-Tibial 100 Kg 108 mm 190 g 21 mm no

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