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  • Progressive energy return
  • Dynamism
  • Progressive and smooth completion step

Dyna C foot is made of composite materials. It meets the needs of the patient with a dynamic gait by ensuring an efficient return of the energy stored. The possible warping of the composite materials and the C-shaped design of the foot provide flexibility at heel strike and a progressive completion of the step. The gait is smooth, which involves less fatigue for the patient in his everyday life.
• Lateral stability due to the large bearing surface at the fore-foot : 48 mm width close to that of a sound foot.
• Dynamic effect increased by the long plantar keel. The effective foot length of the Dyna C foot amounts to 80% of its total length, versus 83% for a sound foot.
• The split plantar keel provides inversion/ eversion that accommodates uneven grounds more easily.

Lighter cosmetic shell : 25 % lighter
Cosmetic shell weight (size 25) : 198g





European 4-Hole Pattern 1K172 / 1K178 : 121 mm



Trans-tibial Lamination Connector & Double Connector 1K202 or 1K203-P6 with 1K207: 134 mm

• 1K207-032 : 150 mm

1K207-045 : 163 mm

1K207-060 : 178 mm

1K207-075  : 193 mm


Tube Clamp 1D40 / 1D41 / 1D45 / 1D46 : 191 mm


Example of product Nr for a Dyna C foot, module 3, right side, size 25 : 1A400-3D25
Approximate foot weight, size 25 (cosmetic shell not included) : 420 g

Product Nr Modules Side size (cm) Activity Maximum weight of the patient
1A400- 1 to 5 G / D 22 to 29 3 - 4 125 Kg

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