• Electronic and dynamic control of swing phase
  • 4-axis knee
  • Stability and natural walk

• 1P340 knee is a 4-axis intelligent knee.
During swing phase it uses a microprocessor controlled pneumatic unit. This unit automatically adapts to the patient's walking pace (up to 10 walking paces can be pre-set) by automatically adjusting the opening of the pneumatic unit valve thanks to the microprocessor calculations. Then the pneumatic cylinder produces the appropriate repulsive force.
The stance phase is controlled by the geometry of the linkages and of the alignment. The 4-axis and linkage
geometry provides a shortening of the leg segment during swing phase, which makes foot completion easier
• The lithium battery life is over than one year. No need to replace the battery between check-ups.
• Carbon fiber frame.

Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P340 293 mm 235 mm 13 mm 160° Pyramid Tube Ø 34 mm 3 - 4 100 Kg 995 g Carbon

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