• PROTEOR 1P300
  • PROTEOR 1P300 visu
  • PROTEOR 1P300 visu 2

  • Electronic and dynamic control of swing phase
  • Single axis knee
  • Control of stance phase with a mechanical brake of the latest generation

• 1P300 knee is a single axis intelligent knee.
During swing phase it uses microprocessor controled pneumatic unit. This unit automatically adapts to the patient's walking pace (up to 10 walking paces can be pre-set) by automatically adjusting the opening of the pneumatic unit valve thanks to the microprocessor calculations. Then the pneumatic cylinder produces the appropriate repulsive force.
• The stance phase is controlled by a mechanical brake of the latest generation that is very efficient and easy to adjust. Thanks to its design thisbrake provides a smooth knee flexion at the end of stance phase.
• The lithium battery life is over than one year. No need to replace the battery between check-ups.
• Carbon fiber frame.

Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P300 309 mm 252 mm 37 mm 155° Pyramid Tube Ø 34 mm 3 - 4 100 kg 1085 g Carbone

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