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  • First hydraulic and polycentric microprocessor controlled knee
  • Geometric stability and electronic control of the stance and swing phase
  • Stumbling recovery system
  • 5 control modes (remote controller)


The ALLUX is a 4 bar swing and stance phase microprocessor controlled knee.

The polycentric design gives the ALLUX knee a natural geometric stability in extension and a greater toe clearance.

In case of stumbling, the electronic takes over the control thanks to dedicated sensors that detect abnormal and unsafe situation in real time. The microprocessor immediately increases the hydraulic resistance to prevent the knee from sudden buckling.

Whatever the knee's degree of flexion, the active braking function monitors each stage of the stance phase for managing slope and stairs descent.

Incorporated lithium ion battery : 2 - 4 days capacity.

Back-up battery provided.



Introducing the ALLUX MPC knee

Product Nr TH BH Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P380 294 mm 267 mm 155° Pyramid Pyramid 125 Kg 1450 g Alu / Stainless steel
1P380-KD 288 mm 265 mm 155° M36 screw thread Pyramid 125 Kg 1460 g Alu / Stainless steel

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