• PROTEOR Hybrid 1P360
  • PROTEOR Hybrid 1P360-KD
  • PROTEOR Hybrid profil
  • PROTEOR Hybrid 1P360 detail

  • Allows to walk down the stairs and slopes with alternate
  • Complete safety during stance phase
  • Electronic and dynamic control of swing phase
  • No constraint : autonomy is longer than one year

• The HYBRID knee concept optimally combines the best of 3 technologies: hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic.
• Hydraulic shock absorption and a reaction force detecting system (MRS) allow for dynamic control of stance phase. An active and progressive safety is provided on any ground and slope, in the stairs and when sitting down.
• The pneumatic unit controls swing phase thanks to a microprocessor that detects changes in tempo and pace and adjusts the speed of extension return, which provides a physiologic walk.
• The HYBRID knee meets the needs of active and very active patients by ensuring :
- Stability and control of stance phase during reciprocal walk on slopes and down the stairs
- An accurate answer to a wide range of walking paces
- Free flexion knee in sitting position
- Ease of adaptation
- Use is free of constraint due to the one-year battery life
• Carbon fiber frame.


Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P360 309 mm 252 mm 37 mm 140° Pyramid Tube Ø 34 mm 3 - 4 100 Kg 1375 g Carbon
1P360-KD 303 mm 250 mm 35 mm 140° M36 thread Tube Ø 34 mm 3 - 4 100 Kg 1385 g Carbon

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