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Knee-foot synergy
Easy adjustment of heel height
Simple and efficient hydraulic unit


  • 1P50-R Hydracadence knee is a single axis hydraulic knee whose specific feature is a unique functional coupling between the knee and the ankle joint during flexion and extension movements.
  • At heel strike, the knee is in extension and simultaneously brings the ankle and therefore the foot into plantiflexion. Then flat foot is rapidly achieved, providing a high level of safety in slopes and uneven grounds.
  • When knee flexion reaches 20° during swing phase, the foot is actively lifted up in dorsiflexion, then lowered in the course of the walking cycle.
  • This raise of the forefoot provides an easy walk with no risk of the forefoot hitting the ground.
  • Carbon fiber frame


> Read the article published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International in 2008.

Product Nr TH BH H Flexion Proximal connection Distal connection Activity Maximum weight of the patient Weight Material
1P50-R 517 mm 383 mm to 510 mm 15 mm 140° 1K160/1K163 / 1K30/1K03 / 1K20/1K40 M10 Screw 2 - 3 100 Kg 1850 g before cutting Aluminium + Carbon

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